Partner 2. Universidade do Minho (Braga, Portugal)

Dr Anura Samantilleke (APS) is a Research Assistant Professor at the Centre of Physics at the Universidade do Minho (CFUM), Portugal. Having published a number of refereed papers detailing developments in electrochemistry and thin film photovoltaics, he is also a co-author of several patents. His knowledge in electrochemistry, electrochemical deposition and thin film photovoltaics will provide an essential complementary component within the consortium. His work has benefited from numerous interdisciplinary collaborations with international researchers, of which he is invariably the initiator including a number of the project partners as well as InterPhases Inc, USA. The project and visiting scientists will benefit from the significant facilities that exist for characterisation of thin films and PV cells. These facilities will be vital in micro structural and solar cell characterisation. More importantly, the group has the expertise required for photovoltaic device fabrication, assessment and development.  Among the facilities available to this project within the CFUM are XRD and EDAX for structural, surface and stoichiometric properties, a solar simulator, photo thermal deflection spectroscopy, photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, and Spectral Response setups. These facilities along with the skilled personnel available will provide the means for development of skills and applications by visiting scientists particularly important for WP3, WP4, WP9 and WP11.

Expertise and human resources:  UM group comprises experts in electrochemistry, photochemistry, electrochemical processes, materials characterization and analysis, and solar cell fabrication and characterization (by electrochemical and plasma chemical vapour deposition techniques).   The Centro de Fisica is a centre of national excellence for research, and is outward looking, staffed with personnel at various stages in their careers, from full Professors to graduate students. Co-operative working is a strong feature within the centre, allowing full advantage to be made of individual and team specialisms, internally, as well as inter-departmentally and cross-institutions. The solar energy group has published extensively, and hold patents in a number of key processes related to this programme.

Infrastructure and facilities description:  The solar energy group is an integral part within the Centro de Fisica of UM. Facilities available which will contribute to this program include Raman, Transmission, Impedance, and Photoluminescence Spectroscopies.  The group also maintains a spectral response set up consisting of a Yvon Jobin monochromator and SR530 lock-in amplifier which provides the means to measure the incident photon to current conversion efficiency of solar cells.  Photothermal deflection spectroscopy and a calibrated solar simulator are available to determine defect states and cell efficiencies respectively.  Complementary wide band gap deposition techniques such as sputtering are also available.